Corporate Transaction History

We are proud of our accomplishments during our history and wish to enumerate some of our projects we have been involved with.

The General Service Administration of the Federal Government issued an RFP for a new Social Security Administration facility comprising approximately 26,000 s.f. with criteria which only matched two potential sites on Staten Island. Because of our research and past history with the General Service Administration, we were successful in securing a site and a developer on Richmond Avenue, “The Miracle Mile”, and as a result, a brand new facility was constructed with ample parking to meet the requirements of this Federal Agency. The value of this project was in excess of $10,000,000.

The Veterans Administration, another Federal Agency, had a particular RFP for space that could not only provide public transportation for their clients, but also provide total handicapped access for those veterans and personal employed by the Veterans Administration. After a lengthy market comparable study and presentation, a location was presented at 1150 South Avenue, “The Chocolate Factory”, a 4 story, 200,000 s.f. building with the Staten Island Corporate Park.

Having had vast experience in dealing with the General Service Administration of the State of New York for space allocation, our firm commenced a dialogue with space procurement for the Development of Motor Vehicles.

When Keyfoods wanted to move from their present location in Brooklyn to Staten Island, our firm was selected to represent their interest. A 25,000 s.f. location was chosen at 1200 South Avenue, a Nicotra Group, LLC development company.

The Daughter’s of St. Paul, a religious order of Nuns owned a large convent and gift store in St. George and decided to have our company represent them in the marketing and sale of this 40,000 s.f. building. The property was presented to St. Vincent Catholic Medical Center for a residential services program. As part of our service to The Daughter’s of St. Paul, and since there was no building plans of this property at all, we sent our expediter to the Building Department in New York City to archives and after weeks of research located and duplicated a full set of plans that were not on micro –fiche.

The former headquarters of Lucent Technologies, a 60,000 s.f. state-of-the-art facility with offices, laboratory space and clean rooms was declared excess real estate and our firm was selected to market and sell this property. It was situated on an 8.5 acre site. A developer was located and the property was sold for $8,500,000. The developer then requested that our company represent his interested in leasing the space in the building.

St. Vincent Catholic Medical Center, owned the Bayley Seton Hospital at 75 Vanderbilt Avenue, Clifton, Staten Island. Our firm was to represent their interest in securing a purchaser for a portion of this 23 acre campus on which was located a 500,000 s.f. medical and office building and approximately 125,000 s.f. of ancillary buildings. This complex was of the largest parcels available for sale on Staten Island and its sale was contingent upon solving problems including Department of Defense contracts for Hospitals, DEC, DEP, easement agreements, FAR requirements and a myriad of other real estate transaction complications that had to be resolved. This property was presented to The Salvation Army for the construction of a Kroc Center, a community facility, financed by a $1.5 Billion Dollar Trust set up by Ray and Joan Kroc of McDonald Fame.

The Bayley Seton Campus was selected by The Salvation Army as one of the first locations for a Kroc Center. The value of this sale is $9,000,000.

As a result of the sale of the Bayley Seton Hospital and Campus, our company was responsible for locating another nursing and office facility for the Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Center and successfully moved them to a 12,000 s.f. location at 1200 South Avenue, within the Staten Island Corporate Park.