A 7 generation family on Staten Island, the Smith family has been involved in many of the significant development projects that dot the landscape in this borough of New York.

“We are the only firm specializing in commercial and industrial real estate on Staten Island.  In addition, we represent hundreds of individual landlords and tenants.”

“My experience in real estate generally started at the kitchen table in my parents home when I was a young child. My mother and father were in this fascinating business and during those dinners and conversations at the table, I absorbed information by listening through what I call ‘Real Estate Osmosis’, the whole concept behind negotiating the sale and the leasing of real estate.”

Specialty of the Firm

The specialty of the firm is in the commercial and industrial side of the business under his leadership.  The company has been responsible for leasing millions of square feet of retail and office space and representing major developers in the New York area including Forest City Ratner Company and the Related Companies. Additional accomplishments include representing CitiCorp and J.P. Morgan Chase as advisors for their divestiture of corporate real estate assets. As a senior lease negotiator, these agencies and major companies have secured leases for New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, General Service  Administration, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Merrill Lynch, Key Foods, New York State Governors Office, and a host of other national known companies such as Sun Oil Company, AllState Insurance, and food franchises such as McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Dunkin Donuts.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has been relocated four times in the past 40 years under their direction.  They spearheaded the negotiations for the lease for the MTA’s fourth bus depot on Meredith Avenue, The Veterans Administration’s locations at 60 Bay Street and 1150 South Avenue, The Court of Appeals Chambers, and the Lowes on 2nd Avenue and 10th Street in Brooklyn.


Not-for-profits and charitable organizations have selected his development team to be involving in the disposition of their excess real estate holdings including a part of St. Vincent Catholic Medical Center / Bayley Seton Hospital to the Salvation Army, and the Daughters of St. Paul Convent in St. George, also 501 Seaview Avenue – The Heart and Lung Medical Building, the LA Fitness Building on Route 440 and the Showplace Entertainment Center. These consultant services include a vast array of I & E, Pro Calc, NPV, market comparables, environmental issues, zoning and site analysis, value appraisals and strategies.

The knowledge of the firm includes representing Alcatel/Lucent in the disposition of a 30 acre campus in Tottenville, Staten Island with a major focus on securing site approval from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Voluntary Clean – Up procedures and the final issuance of the consent not to sue documents.

Del Smith Partners, LLC is the only Staten Island real estate company devoted exclusively to commercial and industrial real estate.